About Prodigy Avia Aviation Consultancy

Finding the right person can be time-consuming and expensive. At Prodigy Avia, we aim to make this process easier for you.

Whether it is to manage a seasonal peak on your operation, deal with an unexpected demand, exploit opportunities in the market or cover the charge of your expanding operation, Prodigy Avia Solutions is designed to provide suitably licensed and experienced flight deck crew at very short notice, offering you the flexibility to handle your needs.

All flight crew leasing pilots are current with valid license, medical and proficiency checks. Using Prodigy Avia gives you instant access to experienced crew. Whether you are looking for line pilots, training Captains or ab-initio cadets, our crew database and networking connections offer a vast number of suitably skilled flight crew covering a broad range of aircraft types. Crew selection for flight crew leasing is based on a targeted recruitment process tailored to the needs of the client with regard to licence type, total experience, experience on type, region specific experience and cultural “fit” for the assignment.

Our service is designed to reduce the cost and relieve the workload. After finding the right people, our leasing services take care of ALL the necessary administrative services: benefits, payroll, taxes, etc.  We take the burden and cost of cumbersome employee administration off your shoulders and help keep the money on your balance sheet.


  • Instant access to highly experienced flight crew: our very large database contains first officers, captains, line trainers, SFI, TRI and TRE on most commonly operated aircraft types. The large majority of them have already been screened on the occasion of previous engagements with highly reputable airlines.
  • Costs optimization of the recruitment process: recruiting flight crew current on type will reduce your conversion and recurrent training requirements and translate into immediate costs savings. In the same manner, delegating the recruitment work to us will save you costs by avoiding additional staffing in your human resources department.
  • Extensive assistance throughout the full leasing program: at the commencement of the program, our team will be on board to screen the candidates through interviews, background checks and, if required, simulator evaluation. This support will continue after the candidates have joined in order to facilitate their integration into your organization.
  • Unique flexibility offered by contract basis recruitment: contract basis recruitment is the most flexible option for solving temporary manpower under capacity. No matter how important and how long is your need, we can adjust at very competitive cost.
About Prodigy Avia Aviation Consultancy

Our intelligent search and matching technology saves our clients the hassle of searching through thousands of jobs, bringing jobseekers and recruiters together quickly and easily. In that fast growing industry environment, we are commited to provide suitably experienced professional staff to expanding airlines.

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